03 janvier 2009

Festival Amanda Palmer - Suite et (probablement pas) fin

Une nouvelle année qui s'annonce. Que dois-je attendre de cette année qui déroule son ruban de secondes incertaines depuis le douzième coup de minuit du dernier jour de décembre? Je sais déjà que les premiers jours de l'an 9 ne m'ont rien apporté de particulèrement bon, si ce n'est d'avoir croisé quelques infirmières sympathiques comme une amie me l'a si espièglement fait remarquer récemment. Que dois-je attendre de cette année? Je n'en sais rien et je ne veux pas le savoir.

Before I ask myself this question again, I think I'll wait antother year.

Je commence tout doucement à croire que je suis connecté de manière occulte à WKAP d'Amanda Palmer car les paroles de cette dernière chanson... hé bien, j'aurais presque pu les écrire moi-même, surtout certains passages, mutatis mutandis, of course.

Another Year by Amanda Palmer (from the "Who Killed Amanda Palmer" album).

I tried to fall in it again
My friends took bets and disappeared
They mime their sighing violins
I think I'll wait another year

I want my chest pressed to your chest
My nervous systems interfere
Ten or eleven months at best
I think I'll wait another year

This weather turns my tricks to rust
I am a lousy engineer (I'm questionning myself about it, every single day)
The winter makes things hard enough (So true, at least this year)
I think I'll wait another year

Plus I'm only 26 (36) years old
My grandma died in '83 (Almost... I don't remember exactly, sorry grandma)
That's lots of time if I don't smoke (I don't smoke anymore)
I think I'll wait another year

I'm not as callous (unsympathetic) as you think (No, I'm not)
I barely breathe when you are near
It's not as bad when I don't drink
(I've experienced it!)
I think I'll wait another year

I have my new Bill Hicks CD
I have my friends and my career
I'm getting smaller by degrees (I think so!)
You said you'd help me disappear
But that could take forever
I think I'll wait another year

It'll be the best year ever (I Hope so!)
I think I'll wait another year
Can't we just wait together
You bring the smokes
I'll bring the beer (No problemo!)
I think I'll wait another year

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I noticed one gooooood thing on this note, you stopped smoking!!!

Hurray hurray ;-p

Écrit par : Kindy | 04 janvier 2009

THIS IS MY POINT I think now, looking back, I didn't smoke cigarettes but cigarettes were smoking me (ref. to Platoon), little by little. I had to stop before they completely turn me into ashes, even if I know someday I'll return to dust. But I don't want to be responsible for it, I don't want to be the one to blame. As I said to Jizzman: Death can always run, She'll never get me alive!!! ;-) Thanks for reading K!

Écrit par : Theudrick | 05 janvier 2009

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